Governments not doing enough!

The majority of people can see the sense of using renewable energy sources, but if they feel that the government is not doing enough some do not see why they should bother. We are told that to save the planet and reduce energy usage we must all make an effort, but what are they doing to help us? International governments should force major companies to stop polluting the planet and adapt their manufacturing plants to use renewable energy.

The Kyoto agreement was a big step to getting the whole world to pull in one direction. It generated a lot of media coverage to make people aware of the problems that the planet is facing with fossil fuels running out, climate change and lethal gases being emitted from overfull landfill sites. Some of the governments signed the agreement; some agreed to work with it to a certain extent. Other countries still refused, as it would destabilize the economy of their nations. Don't they think that their economy will destabilize if their energy sources fail or a drought occurs because of global warming?

Research into green energy must be funded now before it is too late. Governments must be seen to be taking action to help people understand the value of recycling, that even one glass jar put in a recycling center makes a difference. Companies must be given an incentive to use renewable energy; this could be with tax breaks, or government contracts.

We all have a part to play, however small it might seem. But the biggest part must be played by the governments of the world. They are our leaders, and they must persuade companies, and the population in general, that renewable energy is the way forward. To paraphrase, one small step could be a great leap forward.



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