What can I do to help?

Every day we hear about the importance of using renewable energy. Our meteorologists talk about solar paneling and energy-efficient light bulbs. The electric company offers to install a programmable thermostat at no charge, saving energy consumption by 10% or more. Recycling bins are available in a number of places.

All these suggestions are good, but I wonder what can I do to help? I decided to set aside one day a week to devote to green energy. We have an open farmers market every Wednesday near my home. All sorts of vegetables and fruit in season, grown on neighboring farms, are sold at the market for reasonable prices. Since these small farms are individually owned, there is no long distance trucking and storage involved. The produce is fresh, free of unknown pesticides and food handling risks by large grocery store chains. I left my car in the garage and walked to the market, less than a mile away. After selecting a variety of produce, I purchased a few of the green plants for sale. I placed the small herb plants, thyme, rosemary, and parsley, on the windowsill and the other green plants in several rooms. Green plants are efficient and effective self-cleaning air purifiers. They are attractive, inexpensive additions to any home, providing necessary humidity to indoor living.

I no longer ask what I can do to help. Some of the simplest things I, or you, can do will help renew the world we live in, ensuring a healthy future for us all.



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