Teaching my children

There isn't a day that goes by without something making me aware of the environment and the current condition of the atmosphere. How many times have I listened to reports on the news about bad breathing conditions in hot weather? This only makes me more aware of teaching my children about being green and taking advantage of the renewable energy we have but most of us do not use.

We all need to sit down with our children and teach them exactly what is going on around them, including green energy and renewable energy. How many times have your teens turned up the heat and not thought about where the heat was actually coming from? Or turned on the radio and television at the same time, never giving it a thought about the electricity they are using and where it comes from? I believe we all need to teach our children about being green.

Being green is about being aware of what you are doing. For example, using renewable energy whenever you can. The sun shines down on us and we simply let the energy go, unless we have a solar heated home. I have talked to my children about green energy and when younger, they seemed very interested in how you can turn energy from moving water into a source of power. They were amazed and wondered why we don't use it more. I feel the same way.

The fact is, our children will be heading off into the world before we know it. Some will build their own new houses and if we teach them now, they may be building houses that take advantage of renewable energy. Who knows? Some of them may actually be running our country and we would prefer them to promote green energy, not ignore it.



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