The dangers for our children

What we do now will drastically determined the world that our children will inherit. Fossil fuels are running out, the polar caps are melting, and the health of humans is getting worst. You may feel the future is now evitable, but if we change our ways and use renewable energy, the lives of our children will improve.

Investing in green energy sources will not only create more jobs, find energy dependence, but it will also slow down global warming. These are the types of conditions that we would not want to wish on our worst enemy, let alone our children.

We all need to take a stand and promote the use and development of renewable energy. This will allow us all to do our part to control global warming, and reduce Asthma and other air-related health problems.

It has to be noted that burning oil and coal has killed millions of people over the last century through air pollution. This isn't going to get any better if we don't do anything about it. By continuing what we are doing, and not turning to alternative green energy sources then we are condemning the future generations to a world of misery.

Step outside your front door and have a good look around and the world around us. Take a trek to the city centre, or the countryside. Each view will be a thing of beauty. The planet we inherit is an amazing creation, so please take care of it. Change to renewable energy today, and allow your children to enjoy the world that we have on offer.



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