Should Schools take more responsibility?

When it comes to teaching our children about the environment and promoting the use of renewable energy, schools should take more responsibility. Schools need to be aware of the energy they are using, as well. Green energy could save a lot of money for the tax payers, as well.

As time goes on, schools are simply lacking in providing teaching our children about the environment in which they live. Yes, they get a small amount of this type of learning, usually in elementary school. However, the amount of education they receive on renewable energy sources and the use of green energy, is small in comparison to what it could be. Schools need to take things a step further and have our children receive this type of education throughout each and every one of our children's school years. Repetition is important in teaching and if schools were to constantly repeat the training on renewable energy, more children that become adults may be more aware of green energy.

Schools also need to practice what they preach. More schools should be taking advantage of renewable energy and put it to use themselves. While the initial cost of the set up might be high, they would save the taxpayers a huge amount of money in the end. The cost of heating fuel to heat the schools is astronomical. Imagine the difference between the heating bills if schools were to be heating by solar power.

Due to the high amount of pollution in the air and the cost of electricity and heating fuels, schools should take more responsibility in teaching our children about green energy and practice by using renewable energy themselves.



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