Public transport really does help

Public transportation is not just a way for the public to travel or commute as it also can be important in preserving the environment. Many states do not meet the regulation for air quality standards for ground level ozone. Therefore public transportation does help in reducing harmful chemicals into the environment by less cars on the roads. An increase in public transportation improves air quality and reduces the amount of energy that is used and consumed. Public transportation can help major Cities in the United States meet their goals of the Environmental Protection Agency's air quality standards. Every mile of public transportation is a mile that is not used by many vehicles emitting harmful chemicals. Using public transportation can also cut into foreign reliance on oil. Therefore public transportation really does help.

By taking public transportation the United States saves millions of gallons of gasoline. At present time gasoline prices are at an all time high and many people are feeling the effect. Public transportation is one remedy to this considering it is easier on the pocketbook as well as better for the environment. With gasoline prices at an all time high public transportation is an advantage financially.

With public transportation resulting in less harmful chemicals in the environment it also helps in the issue of health. By using public transportation and cutting harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere the air is therefore cleaner and more healthy. Air pollution through vehicular traffic can be decreased by using public transportation. Vehicles put out about one third of nitrogen oxides and more than a quarter of volcanic compounds. Vehicle emissions account for about a third of the carbon emissions in the United States which can lead to changes in the climate.

Public transportation takes less space than highways and roads. Roads and parking lots create more runoff which diminishes air quality. There are many benefits that are derived from this as with less roads there is less cars which equals less gasoline being used which improves air quality.

Another aspect in which less roads are good for the environment is the fact that with building less roads it enhances water quality and the natural habitat for wildlife. The National Wildlife Federation recently reported that sprawl is the main danger to species survival in California. Therefore public transportation can lessen the dependence on roads and highways which cause environmental concerns.


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