Large food chains - are they responsible enough?

I think when it comes to being environment friendly; some of the big companies should lead by example. They are at the full front of our country, and should set a good example when using renewable energy. This should include some of the large food chains that occupy are great country.

It was noted that early last year, the Holland inc, owners of Burgerville and Noodin restaurants, had turned to renewable energy to provide 100% of their electricity needs. Because of the sheer size of the company, changing to green energy meant they would avoid adding 17.4 million pounds of CO2 to their region annually.

This huge reduction of CO2, just from one company, defies belief. If only other major food chains could follow suit then the great effects on our environment would go through the roof. The example made by Holland inc has obviously made an impression, as more and more food chains have join on the green energy bandwagon.

In August last year, McDonalds became a renewable energy company. This year the company has sponsored the Energy Globe's youth awards which were held on 29th March. These awards highlight what people are doing all over the world to find solutions to the most pressing environmental challenges of our day. These awards are a great thing, and can only help raise public awareness on the major environmental issues, plus educate them on green renewable energy.

To make this country more eco friendly, then people need to be made aware, and educated on the subject. The big companies of America , who are respected throughout, should use there fame to spread the environmental word.



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