How green is my home?

While renewable energy sources are both efficient and environmentally friendly, they can be costly. Before investing in any type of renewable energy, there are steps you should take to ensure you are using the least amount of energy to meet your needs. In order to protect both the environment and your wallet, you will want to make your house as energy efficient as possible. Here are some tips to lower your energy consumption and help you save on utility costs.

Good insulation is the key to keeping your home cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. While there are different types of insulation to choose from, what is more important is that the insulation is properly installed. When insulating your home, do not overlook the attic. An unfinished attic without insulation can contribute to heat loss and an increase in your utility bill. Also, if you will be purchasing new insulation for your home, you may want to consider insulation that is made from eco-friendly materials. These types of insulation are safer than the traditional fiberglass and often provide a reduction in outside noise.

The type of light bulbs you use in your home can have an affect on your energy costs. Although fluorescent bulbs cost more initially, they use less power and last longer than incandescent lights. For example, a fluorescent light bulb can last up to ten times longer than a regular incandescent bulb. The original cost of the bulb is easily recovered. By changing some or all of the lighting in your home, you will save on your monthly energy costs.

If you own an older furnace unit, you may want to consider replacing it with a newer model. A lot of older furnaces waste over thirty percent of the energy they use. A newer model is more energy efficient and can reduce your energy costs by a significant amount.

Although the decision to use green energy is important for our environment, total energy consumption must also be taken into consideration. By reducing the amount of energy we use in our homes, we can offset the slightly higher costs involved in using green energy sources. In the future, we should see more companies offering renewable energy sources to the public. As this occurs, the cost of renewable energy should decline to a more affordable level.



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