Greenhouse Gases - The Dangers

Greenhouse gases are dangerous to the environment. The most prevalent greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere by agricultural practices and by the burning of fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases can be seen in populated cities throughout the world, when a car is started and smoke is emitted from the muffler, and industries burning toxins in which they create. All of these gases are harmful to the environment.

One of the dangers of greenhouse gases is global warming. Polar ice caps are melting as a result of the greenhouse effect and this increases the sea level and cause floods to the coastal areas. Greenhouse gases, which increase the temperature around the globe, cause the tides to rise. The ocean is the largest ecosystem and it changes the waters and releases ice that has been frozen for long periods of time. Ice melting as a result of greenhouse gasses inhibits measurements in which scientists use in studying the changes in the climate. Therefore greenhouse gases are a danger in climate changes on earth.

The greenhouse gases are a danger to the environment as it alters the weather. When the temperature increases evaporation of water increases as well. This brings about an increase in rainfall as well as dryer soil because of evaporation. This can change agriculture around the world with a lack of good soil. The weather is affected in storms which become increasingly violent as a result of greenhouse gases. These changes on a global scale could possibly bring about deserts in ecosystems. Greenhouse gases which change the weather bring about these events and are very real dangers that are presently occurring globally.

Greenhouse gases pose a danger to agriculture. Rising temperatures from greenhouse gases effect the yields of vegetation. While the increase in carbon dioxide brings about higher yields in agriculture the effect on the soil is not known. Growers of agriculture must now adapt to these changes in the climate. The clearing of vegetation, such as the Brazilian rainforests, releases greenhouses gases as well. The vegetation that is removed also removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, therefore it is a vicious cycle which threatens agriculture greatly. The climate change, or global warming as a result of greenhouse gases, brings about threats to agriculture and vegetation around the world.

Greenhouse gases are caused by a variety of things. The releasing of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere pose serious dangers to the environment.


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