10 Things We can do to help 

The environment is being threatened by things such as greenhouse gasses, clearing vegetation, and a rapidly growing population. While there are many things that are out of our control there are many things we can do to help the environment in which we live. Here is a list of ten things we can do to preserve the environment.

  1. Drive less – the emissions that are emitted from our vehicles drastically threaten the environment with all the harmful chemicals that are released. By taking public transportation, carpooling, riding bicycles, and walking we can reduce these harmful chemicals being emitted.
  2. Purchase a more eco-friendly automobile – Smaller cars as well as hybrid cars reduce the chemicals that are released into the atmosphere therefore helping the environment.
  3. Use green electricity in your home – In many areas you can buy electricity which is generated by wind, rivers, and the sun. If this is not possible Green tags are certificates which can be purchased that guarantees that another location is receiving green electricity at the amount that you purchase.
  4. Teaching children about the environment – By teaching the next generation about the problems they will be more sensitive to it and not take the environment for granted.
  5. Donate money to an environmental cause – Donating money to environmental causes is a way to have an affect as the money will, hopefully, be going to causes that sole purpose is to preserve the environment. There are many causes for the environment to donate money to. Research them to which one you feel will accomplish the most with your funds.
  6. Volunteer – There are many Non Governmental Organizations which have many areas in which to volunteer for. It depends how much time you have to volunteer but, generally, since you are an unpaid volunteer these organizations are happy for you to help in any way you can.
  7. Write letters – taking time to write a letter to organizations, politicians, or corporations is a way to get your view heard and if enough people have a voice action occurs. If you decide to state your displeasure with something word it in a constructive way. You can also organize a letter writing campaign considering the more letters are sent the greater possibility of getting heard and making change.
  8. Vote – Change rarely occurs if the people that want the change do not vote for it. From local, state, and national elections there are many environmental causes to cast your vote for.
  9. Recycle – Recycling has been a major environmental success even though our society still wastes too many things. Along the same line if you see a place such as your work or gym not recycling suggest it as every little bit helps. From plastic bags to cans and bottles every item that is recycled is an item which is not made out of a precious resource.
  10. Change your diet – By eating less meat we save land and vegetation. Also only a fraction of the nutritional value that is eaten by the animal is then turned into nutritional value in the meat that we then consume.


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