Is My Car Really Necessary?

People have become so dependent on gasoline powered cars that we have become defenseless against the rising gas prices. While some people commute quite a distance to work or school and need to use some form of motorized transportation, others drive their vehicles when they could have just as easily walked.

For those who live in the country or far away from where you work, green energy can be a great way to cut back on your gas bill and help save the environment. So what exactly is green energy? It is basically any form of renewable energy such as wind, sun, hydro, and some forms of biomass. By using renewable energy to power your vehicle you will be doing your part in protecting your environment.

But is a car really necessary in most cases? Many people within a couple miles of the grocery store and choose to work close to home. In this case, you can save even more resources simply by walking or riding a bike. Most cities also have a well developed public transportation system and for a few dimes, you can get to work on time. Again, this is much cheaper than using traditional gasoline to power your cars.

The best way to protect our ozone layer would be to walk or ride a bike as much as possible and also invest in a vehicle that uses renewable energy. Currently, eco-friendly cars use the sun as their renewable energy source, but in the near future there will also be cars that run on hydro cells.



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