10 things that create greenhouse gases

Topping the list of ten things that produce greenhouse gases are fossil fuels. These fuels are natural gas, coal, oil and gasoline. Burning these fuels raises the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and, causes global warming. Take gasoline alone; can you imagine what goes into the atmosphere every day with billions of automobile engines running?

The emission of methane gas by farm animals during the digestion process is another cause of greenhouse gases. Try to imagine if you can the number of farm animals there are in the world. Another source of methane gas is under water rice paddies. Even though it's under water, it's got to come out some where, like the atmosphere.

How many aerosol sprays can you think of? Almost all of them have some contributing effect to greenhouse gases. Hair spray? Yes. Room spray? Yes. Deodorant spray? Yes. As I've said, almost all of them.

Some of the other causes of greenhouse gases, or gases other than C02, that are man made include the manufacture of cement, deforestation, and fast food packaging. Think about fast food packaging for a moment. Try to imagine if you can, the number of hamburgers alone sold by the fast foodies every day, every where. Frightening, isn't it?

Fossil fuels will eventually run out, but the damage they have caused to our atmosphere will go on for years. However, what is man made, can be controlled by man. Let's all conserve together.



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